About Strategy In Progress, LLC


To enable organizations to envision their future; build plans to achieve it; and embrace the organizational discipline to make it happen.


Strategy in Progress, LLC provides strategy development, strategic planning and execution, strategic organization design, and meeting facilitation services to closely held businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Guiding Principles and Beliefs:

The following are guiding principles and beliefs that are foundational tenets in providing strategic services to clients:

 • Organizations that commit to an organized on-going strategic thinking process significantly improves its chances for success especially in today’s dynamic business environment.

• Organizations must develop and implement an execution and follow-up process that works specifically for that organization. Without this commitment, the results (plan) of the strategic thinking efforts will simply “gather dust on the shelf.”

 • Standard “cookie cutter” approaches typically do not work for most. The key to successful strategy development, planning and execution is to work with a client to define a process that will fit that organization.

 • A successful strategic plan process must identify and address issues related to both strategic positioning and operational effectiveness. This ensures that organizations critically evaluate and determine its future strategic direction along with the necessary resources (people, capital, and processes) to achieve it.

 • The overall business strategy and strategic plan must be developed and “bought into” by the senior management team and key players using a participative process. The overall business strategy and strategic plan cannot simply be “delivered” by the outside consultant.

• The strategy development and planning process must be fact based to the extent feasible. A solid overall business strategy and plan is built around healthy doses of both factual strategic information and knowledge based subjective management insight and experience.

 • A critical element in executing an organization’s overall business strategy and strategic plan is to ensure that that the organization is structured to achieve its desired strategic position and strategic objectives.